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When is a coincidence too much of a
coincidence to be one?

Is your vote worth 10 minutes? 20? An hour?
Apparently not in Florida
Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning was not pleased when a
federal judge ordered elections officials to stop enforcing Florida’s “no
match” law. Browning said he will immediately appeal and questions the
timing of the decision. Others might question how two years have passed
and 14,000 disenfranchised Florida residents are not yet legitimized
registered voters, or definitively proven illegal (not just rejected by a
database “no match” on social security, driver’s license, name or other
clerical snafu.

Browning, a former Pasco County Supervisor of Elections was appointed
by Governor Charlie Crist in 2006. So Browning has only had one year
to constructively resolve the 14,000:

  • One year to write a computer program to search, match, flag and
    adjust for use of multiple surname configurations. One year to
    correct the error that barred Florida residents from voting due to
    their use of two surnames.

  • One year to incorporate a sounds-like program to search, match,
    and flag names with non-traditional spelling or names
    unintentionally misspelled or incorrectly entered into State and
    Federal databases.

  • One year to check and fix. Verify information from the 14,000 and
    correct the State and/or Federal databases as applicable. One year
    to determine why these 14,000 Florida residents were barred from
    voting because their social security numbers or drivers license
    numbers did not match.

If and when technology fails, one year to manually reprocess,
communicate and concede these people their right to vote. What would it
take to manually check and fix 14,000 should-be voters over a one year
period? Less than 40 voter registration corrections per day. How many
minutes per correction, 10 minutes, 20, an hour?

But then, Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning might still be
wondering why he spent so much time trying to prove to the public that
the voting machines are accurate and secure and whether it was worth
the effort, when he should be spending time running good elections (http:

Does Kurt Browning also wonder if it’s worth the effort to ensure voters
in his state can vote?

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Fiction Stops Here

It's the Voters’ Fault
More on the "no match law:

It appears that anyone with a name change, misspelling or re-spelling,
address change, and/or clerical error/correction could be the brunt of
Florida’s “no-match no-vote” law. So add women to this list of Hispanics
who sometimes use hyphenated surnames and African Americans who
sometimes use non-traditional spellings. These groups just happen to
form a united front and speak a collective voice.

But also consider Florida’s Secretary of State Kurt Browning who has
been in office a year but has not figured out a solution to his procedures
that disenfranchise 14,000 Florida residents. Next time it could be me...
it could even be ....
As Florida Secretary of State downgrades Florida’s voting nightmares to
urban legend and people problems, voters wonder if he knows who won
2006’s Congressional District-13 and if he’s found those lost 18,000
votes.  If you don’t know you’ve got a problem, Mr. Browning, you can’t
fix it.

Florida's Secretary of State, Kurt Browning kicked-off Election Day in
spin-mode saying, 99% of the problems with touch screen voting
machines can be traced back to people (you and me) or pollworkers.
Nothing wrong there, right? Nothing except pollworkers are YOUR
team, YOUR watch, Mr. Browning. If your systems are too complex, if
your procedures aren't clear, if your pollworkers aren't trained, that's
not a people problem. It's your system, your problem. As for the voting
machines, were they too complex to be used successfully? Was voter
training required? Or did the machines malfunction? It's still your
system, your problem.
If you don’t know you’ve got a problem, Mr.
Browning, you can’t fix it.

By nightfall Browning skewed history, "We're finding a lot of this stuff
is like urban legend, where there's a report of something happened, but
when you investigate it, there's nothing to it." Nothing to 18,000+ votes
lost and unaccounted for? Florida still doesn't know who won in Sarasota’
s 2006 Congressional District-13. Do you? I
f you don’t know you’ve
got a problem, Mr. Browning, you can’t fix it.

Lest we forget last summer’s blunder, Browning questioned, “if the
amount of time spent in defending the voting system & trying to prove to
the public that it's accurate & secure is worth the effort when we should
be spending our time running good elections.” Oops. The voting system
is not secure & until it is, you can't run a good election. Still, his words
drill to the core of Florida's voting woes. There's time to do it over, but
never time to do it right. Ironically, Browning’s comment followed state
tests conducted by California and Florida that revealed significant
problems with the voting machines. California Secretary of State Debra
Bowen decertified California’s machines. Kurt Browning continues to
defend Florida’s.
If you don’t know you’ve got a problem, Mr.
Browning, you can’t fix it.

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