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If You Live in One of These 18 States
Your Vote May NOT Count

Not Just a New York Problem --- Not Just a California Problem

Fiction Stops Here
If you don’t live in NY and consequently don’t believe this is your problem.
Think again. Do you live in one of these states or vote using one of these

    All of these states and voting machines experienced election problems
    last year:
    AR – ESS, CA – Diebold,
    CA – Sequoia,
    CO – Diebold, CO - Hart InterCivic, CO – Sequoia,
    CT – Diebold, DC – Sequoia,
    FL – Diebold, FL – ESS, FL – Sequoia,
    GA – Diebold,
    IA – Diebold, IN – Diebold,
    IN – ESS, IL – Sequoia, KS – ESS,
    KY – Danaher, KY - Hart InterCivic,
    MD – Diebold,
    MN – ESS, NC – ESS,
    NJ – Sequoia, NV – Sequoia,
    NY –Sequoia, OH – ESS,
    OH –Diebold,
    PA – Diebold, PA – ESS,
    SC – ESS, TN – Diebold, TN – ESS,
    TN - Hart InterCivic,
    TX –Diebold, TX – ESS, TX - Hart InterCivic, UT – Diebold, VA –
    AVS, VA – Diebold, VA = Unilect, WA – Sequoia, WI – ESS, WV –
    ESS. (Please note, this is only a partial list of voting errors retrieved
    from information provided by  http://www.votersunite.
    org/electionproblems.asp and does not include any errors occurring
    prior to October 2008. If your state or voting machine isn’t listed
    here, check the complete report at Voters Unite.)

The magnitude of election errors resulting from electronic voting machines
(including touch screens, ballot scanners and election tabulation computers)
propped up by inadequate election laws has reached pandemic levels. While
we may not always agree on absolute solutions, we must agree that this
infringement on our rights should not be tolerated.
ERMA, scheduled to go into effect in 2009, intends to "modernize"
New York's voting system using software-based voting machines that
conceal everything election officials and the public are constitutionally
required to observe and protect, and which have been proven
vulnerable to undetectable error and fraud. ERMA unconstitutionally
deprives election officials, the public and candidates of the very means
necessary to detect and deter fraud or error and destroys the integrity
of the election by making the will of the electors impossible to
ascertain. We can no sooner cast off 232 years of wisdom and
precedence than we can our Constitution

In BradBlog’s 'Humboldt Transparency Project' Reveals Diebold, U.S.
Federal E-Voting Scam, John Gideon and Brad Freidman report on
Hundreds of Lost Ballots, Illegal Voting System, and the Boondoggle
Behind Billions of Federal Dollars Spent on Voting Machines That
Don't Work All Illustrated by Simple Citizen Oversight, Free Open-
Source Voting System in
One California County . . .

However, consider CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, NY, OH, PA,
TN, UT, and VA also used Diebold/Premier equipment in 2008
elections and they all reported various problems. Did counties in these
states lose votes as well in 2008 and 2004? See VotersUnite.Org's

“Election Problem Log”
2004 to-date for a comprehensive list of voting

But Diebold/Premier’s gross negligence and the U.S. Election
Assistance Commission’s failures cited in the Humboldt article do not
stand alone. The Secretaries of State in each of these 14 states as well
as California and the
Supervisors of Elections in every county
where the machines were used had 4 years to uncover
discrepancies and press Diebold/Premier to get it right

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