The Government Accountability Office's
                     Troubling Investigation

NoSmokingGun : A Closer Look at the GAO’s
first report on Sarasota, Florida's District 13. No
smoking gun . . . Not if, but when and how
often.  Could Red be next? Detailed within the
findings of the first GAO report is a series of troubling
circumstances that reveal apparent blatant lapses in
sound business checks and balances, and computer
security basics on the part of Florida Secretary of
State Kurt Browning, Sarasota Supervisor of Elections
Kathy Dent as well as Elections Systems & Software

What the GAO really said about Sarasota's lost
18K votes.  What they didn't say about Florida's
lost 89K votes. Sarasota District 13: If the tests
can't find it, never mind it? The U.S. House of
Representatives dismissed the contest of 2006
Sarasota’s District 13 election with its missing
18,000 votes. As they should since GAO testing, â
€œobtained increased assurance, but not absolute
assurance that the ES&S iVotronic DREs used in
Sarasota County’s 2006 general election did not
contribute to the large undervote in Florida-13 contest,

Does this mean nothing’s wrong with the iVotronic
No. While the GAO's study was extensive and
revealed a disturbing absence of good business
practices on the part of Florida's Secretary of State
and Sarasota's Supervisor of Elections, in the end
GAO proved only that standard basic ballots work on
working systems. A number of potential problem areas
have as yet to be pursued comprehensively.

GAO District 13: Blood on the floor, bullet in the
head, where did that smoking gun go? As Florida
settles on the GAO findings in Sarasota’s District-
13. Think duped again. For Florida and the rest of the
country, the bigger picture here is not where did those
pesky 18,000 votes go in one county? The bigger
question is where did 89,000 votes go across the state?

GAO D-13: Voters with Secret Decoder Rings Get
Votes Counted . As voters, let’s not confuse â
€œwe didn’t find a bugâ€� with “exoneration.â
€� For as thorough as the cumulative GAO studies
were, there are yet too many technical paths not
taken, too many questions not answered. 18,000 votes
are still missing in Sarasota. 89,000 missing votes
statewide remain ignored.
                          The Truth
Chicanery, Buffonery & Boondoggle

Players Play Conspiracy : The Bush
Connection. When is a coincidence too much of a
coincidence not to be one? President George W. Bush  
and Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary
of State Sandra Mortham and Florida Secretary of
State Katherine Harris and U.S. Rep Tom Feeney and
Senator Chuck Hagel. What do they all have in

Remember the Main E-Vents -  2006, 2004,
2002 . Voting machine problems plagued 2006, 2004,
and 2002. Not only were there high numbers of
malfunctions, but Florida counties using electronic
voting machines were significantly more likely to show
increases in votes for Bush between 2000 and 2004 than
counties using optical scanners or paper ballots. While
89,000 missing votes in the 2006 statewide Attorney
General race were never investigated, the Government
Accountability Office investigation of 18,000 missing
votes in Sarasota County remains inconclusive.

What you may not know about 2000 . 115,500
ballots with a clear indication of voter intent got
scrapped. About two-thirds of the spoiled ballots were
over-votes. On most of these, the over-votes were
caused by people punching their card and writing in their
candidate's name to be sure their votes got counted. 1.5
to 2 million presidential votes were lost due to faulty
equipment or confusing ballots. And who did Florida
Secretary of State Katherine Harris report to? Again
the Bush connection.

Touchscreen Payola? Miami-Dade County alone
spent $25 million on 7,200 touch-screen voting machines
that averaged only 100 ballots per touch screen and
provided no paper trail, no viable audit trail, no viable
recount capabilities. Whose idea was it to squander
taxpayer dollars on inferior voting machine solutions?
Was there payola?
Truth, Lies, & Politics
When is a coincidence too much of  a coincidence to be one?

Fiction Stops Here
The Government Accountability Office released three investigative reports on Sarasota, Florida’s
District 13 faulty 2006 election.
The findings detailed in these reports are the basis for the GAO articles above.

ELECTIONS : Further Testing Could Provide Increased but Not Absolute Assurance That Voting Systems Did Not Cause
Undervotes in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

ELECTIONS : Status of GAO’s Review of Voting Equipment Used in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. http://www.

ELECTIONS : Results of GAO’s Testing of Voting Systems Used in Sarasota County in Florida’s 13th Congressional