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About the Author
Lani Massey Brown draws on personal experience as an elections official for this contemporary
suspense novel. She currently resides in Southwest Florida with her husband.

When lovely computer expert Cady Palmer discovers the governor’s plot to rig the elections, the
governor wants her dead. The governor's spy simply wants her. And her stalker…

Cady fired Leonard months ago. Since then he’s stalked her, waiting for today, all the while
executing the governor’s plan for today’s election. Tonight when Cady’s election crew tallies the
votes, she’ll know something’s wrong. It’s her job to know. But there’s nothing she can do to stop
it. Later when it’s over, Leonard will come for her. And if Cady’s beautiful assistant, Izzy Palacio
gets in his way, he’ll grab her too.

Leonard’s not the only one on the governor’s private payroll. The governor sends his long-time
confidante Neal Charles to observe Cady and her election crew, ostensibly to alert the governor
if there’s need for early damage control. But the governor really wants a lookout should Leonard’
s scheme unravel. The governor doesn’t count on Neal devising plans of his own.

Cady pegs Neal for the spy he is and warns the coquettish Izzy. Nonetheless when Izzy
disappears and Cady’s stalker closes in, Neal wedges himself into Cady’s drama, not for the
governor or Neal’s own plans, but for Cady and Izzy. At first, Cady and Neal balk at the
attractions drawing them together. Then before long, the two join as one in their search for truth
and for Izzy. They risk losing it all for each other.

A Margin of Error: Ballots of Straw

Lani Massey Brown
The Beacon Bridge, LLC  
2015 79th Street NW
Bradenton, FL 34209
(941) 794-0401

September 2008
August 2009
1439206813   AISN Kindle: B002EQ9S3I
Paperback $9.99  Kindle: $4.99
Fiction mystery/suspense/thriller
8.0 inches
5.25 inches
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