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2000 Presidential

4 million to 6 million votes were uncounted in the 2000 presidential
according to, "Voting: What Is and What Could Be," a report released
by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of

  • Illinois, South Carolina, Idaho, Wyoming & Georgia all had higher
    rates of spoiled, unmarked & uncounted ballots than Florida.
  • 1.5 to 2 million presidential votes were lost due to faulty equipment
    or confusing ballots.
  • 1.5 to 3 million votes were lost due to registration problems.
  • .5 to 1.2 million votes were lost due to polling place operation
  • 70 percent of uncounted presidential votes were cast but not recorded.

"Ballot, machine problems to blame for uncounted votes in 2000 election."
InsidePolitics. 07/07/2001.

What You Don't Know About 2000
The REAL Facts AFTER the Fact
Judicial Watch reports irregularities that question the integrity of
the 2000 election. A full analysis of Florida's punch card undervote
ballots in Miami-Dade, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Broward, Palm Beach,
Pinellas, Indian River, and Collier Counties.
(Judicial Watch analysis.
Some 115,500 ballots with a clear indication of voter intent got

When voters picked Gore, they punched out the chad and then
wrote Gore's name on the ballot  just to make sure their votes
counted. Not!

"Everybody had thought that the chads were where all the bad
ballots were, but it turned out that the ones that were the most
decisive were write-in ballots where people would check Gore and
write Gore in, and the machine kicked those out.

"There were 175,000 votes overall that were so-called "spoiled ballots." About
wo-thirds of the spoiled ballots were over-votes; many or most of them would
have been write-in over-votes, where people had punched and written in a
candidate's name. And nobody looked at this, not even the Florida Supreme
Court in the last decision it made requiring a statewide recount. Nobody had
thought about it except Judge Terry Lewis, who was overseeing the statewide
recount when it was halted by the U.S. Supreme Court. The write-in over-votes
have really not gotten much attention. Those votes are not ambiguous.
you see Gore picked and then Gore written in, there's not a question in
your mind who this person was voting for.
When you go through those,
they're unambiguous: Bush got some of those votes, but they were
overwhelmingly for Gore. For example, in an analysis of the 2.7 million votes
that had been cast in Florida's eight largest counties, The Washington Post found
Gore's name was punched on 46,000 of the over-vote ballots it [reviewed],
Bush's name was marked on only 17,000," Lance Dehaven-Smith.

Author of
The Battle for Florida (University Press of Florida, 2005),
DeHaven-Smith headed the FSU Reuben Askew School of Public
Administration and Policy from 1995 to 1998. In
Battle for Florida,
DeHaven-Smith draws parallels between the twilight of democracy in Ancient
Greece and Florida and the nation during the 2000 election and up until 2005.
Research in Review Magazine, Florida State University,,
Winter 2005.
Florida Meltdown. The Florida election controversy
took 5 weeks to resolve.

Dimpled chads, pregnant chads, hanging chads, dangling chads.
  • Republican Governor Jeb Bush's Secretary of State
    Katherine Harris, a co-chair of George W. Bush's
    campaign refuses to extend certification deadline past November 14,
    to allow for manual recounts. The courts upheld Harris's authority to
    certify, but allowed Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Volusia
    to continue their recounts and file amended returns after the deadline.
    Harris could use her discretion to accept or reject the amended filings.  
    Harris stated she would reject late filings. However, on November 17,
    the Florida Supreme Court ordered Harris not to certify election results
    before a November 20 hearing. This hearing granted Gore an
    extension to November 26. Bush appealed to the United States
    Supreme Court.

  • Miami-Dade quit their recount on November 22, saying it
    was impossible to finish recounts before the deadline. Gore had a net
    gain of 150 votes when Miami-Dade quit.

  • Palm Beach County requested an extension in the recount deadline from 5pm
    to 9am of the next day. Governor Jeb Bush's Secretary of State
    Katherine Harris denied the extension and instead used the returns
    compiled before the recount.

  • Governor Jeb Bush's Secretary of State Katherine Harris
    declared Bush the winner of Florida: Bush - 2,912,790, Gore -
    2,912,253. A difference of 537 votes.

  • George Bush continued his U.S. Supreme Court case challenging
    Florida's high court ruling that extended the certification deadline. Al
    Gore argued that a re-count was the only way to ensure the will of the
    people was represented in such a close race.

  • Al Gore contested the election results before
    Republican appointee, Leon County Circuit Judge Sanders Saul.
    Gore wanted to re-count 14,000 disputed ballots from Palm Beach and
    Miami-Dade Counties. Believing he would not prevail with Republican
    Sauls, Gore wanted to speed up the trial in order to file an appeal with
    the Florida Supreme Court. Bush wanted to delay the proceedings, to
    close in on the December 12 deadline for Florida to choose its electors.
    Sauls impounded the ballots and had them sent to Tallahassee by Ryder

  • On December 4, the U.S. Supreme Courts set aside the Florida
    Supreme Court decision extending the certification deadline. Sauls
    ruled against Gore's bid for further recounts. ("Disputed Presidential
    Election of 2000."
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