Truth, Lies, & Politics

When is a coincidence too much of a
coincidence to be one?
Election Supervisor Miriam Oliphant opposed the selection
of ES&S voting technology
but was overruled by the County
Commission. Broward County spent $17.2 million for 5,200 iVotronic
machines even though Oliphant preferred Sequoia. After Broward's
2002 election failures, Broward County Administrator Roger
Desjarlais placed the blame squarely on Miriam Oliphant in his
September 2002 memo, "ES&S election services are intended to
support the supervisor of elections, who is responsible for conducting
the election." (Haggman.)
This appalling situation deserves more attention.
ES&S blamed the Primary Election problems on poor
, untrained poll workers and the county's lack of
familiarity with the system. The more significant problems included:
four hours to boot-up a machine, workers failure to turn the machines
on at the right time, power and battery problems, improper insertion of
flash memory cards, long lines at the polls, incorrectly programmed
voting machines. (Haggman.)
Miami-Dade purchased 7,200 ES&S touch-screen voting
, the largest purchase in U.S. history. By 2003, the county
had spent $25 million on touch screens. (Haggman.)
$25 million, 7,200
touch-screen voting machines averaging 100 ballots per touch screen, no
paper trail, no viable audit trail, no viable recount capabilities?
3,000 county employees and an extra $5 million were required
to support Miami-Dade's General Election, that is following the
substandard performance in the Primary. According to one
Miami-Dade Inspector General, the cost of running an election with
ES&S machines is as much as five times more than the old punch-card
system due to the requirements for so many poll workers and technical
support. (Haggman.)
One ES&S competitor, Sequoia was allowed only 15 minutes
to present their system to Broward County commissioners. Broward
spent $17.2 million for 5,200 voting machines. (Matthew Haggman,
"Buyers' Remorse,", 2/3/03.) 5,200
voting machines ... $17.2 million ... fifteen minutes?
Truth, Lies, & Politics

So That's Why They Bought Those Voting Machines
Remember Jeb and Sandra and ES&S and the
kickbacks to Florida Association of Counties to endorse
(See Much Truth is Said in ..... Players Play Conspiracy.)

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